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Brazilian Honey Waxing was created by Germana over 15 years ago. She created the finest Homemade Organic and Hypoallergenic Honey Wax from PURE HONEY!

We are a specialized full body waxing spa located in Santa MonicaBeverly Hills, and at our brand-new location in Agoura Hills. Germana and the group of Independent Estheticians trained by her are waxing specialists that offer the best in Waxing Services.

All our Estheticians are licensed in California and experienced in Brazilian Waxing Techniques! Our technique is fast and efficient and is as painless as possible! We take pride in our position as “THE BEST BRAZILIAN WAXING IN LA”. Our Client Satisfaction is our # 1 priority! We also specialize in Men's Waxing as well and provide Discount Wax Specials to College Students Wax and Teens Wax at our Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Agoura Hills location.

At our Studio we never double-dip, we use a clean disinfected and sterilized individual glass bowl and stainless steel spatula for each client. Our services are timed so we can clean and properly disinfect our work station, equipment and tools after each client with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved solution. We make all the efforts to keep our Waxing Studio in the highest standards of cleanliness.

We look forward to seeing you at our Honey Waxing locations or if you prefer at the comfort of your house with our Mobile Honey Wax. Housecalls available upon request. Call us for Housecalls price.

Germana Torres
| Brazilian Honey Waxing | (310) 403-8026 

Santa Monica / Beverly Hills / Agoura Hills

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Meet Our Talented Team

Here are some of the friendly faces you'll see at our salon!

  • Germana
    “I love making honey wax, waxing my clients and providing the best service with the most entertaining and comfortable atmosphere possible.”
  • Jessica
    “I came to Los Angeles in 2012 to join my cousin Germana’s business “Brazilian Honey Waxing.” I am so grateful to be part a team whose goal is to enhance peoples quality of life by providing a natural petroleum-free wax. I love Germana’s private label Honey Wax and being able to share it with everyone.”
  • Patricia
    “I feel very fortunate to have joined the team of Brazilian Honey Waxing and to be able to work with my dear friend Germana.”
  • Fernanda
    “ I’m very thrilled to have joined Germana’s waxing team and I can now truly say I love my job”
  • Andrea

    Using the technique created by her cousin, Germana, she became an experienced and successful waxer who doesn’t simply provide waxing services but who makes sure our clients stay as comfortable as possible during the appointment and leave as satisfied as possible when the service is done.

  • Viktoria
    'How the wisdom says: “Discover your passion and pursue it. Find something to live for. Be true to how you are…”
  • Suzy
    I can proudly say that Brazilian Honey Waxing has been my favorite occupation by far. I love my team and Germana is a pleasure to work with. She works hard to create a calm and cool environment for everyone who is a part of our team making it easy for us to come to work and enjoy it.
  • Val

    She loves to see how happy the clients are when comes to her for a checkout! She feels great in been part of a company that has as number 1 priority the complete satisfaction of the customers. We do the our best to make sure the clients feel welcome and appreciated.

  • Beatriz
    Beatriz works at the reception of our beautiful Santa Monica location. She loved all about it: The product itself, the technique, and most importantly, she loved how satisfied the clients were after each appointment.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

Happy clients are our priority!

  • "LOVE LOVE LOVE Brazilian Honey Waxing!

    Perfect, painless waxing. Best waxing in LA. I love the unique honey wax they used. I will be going back over and over again.

    Thanks for leaving me feeling sexy and clean"
    Molly H., Santa Barbara, CA
  • "Worth the drive! Fernanda was great. Very friendly efficient and detail oriented! Also love that the product is just natural honey and the facility is spotless"
    Acat E., Los Angeles, CA
  • "Victoria did a great job! She made me feel very comfortable and taken care of. My experience was the least painful I've ever had getting a Brazilian. The new patron discount is a great deal and I encourage anyone looking for a new hair removal spot to check them out!"
    Simone R., Venice, CA

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